Reta's Major Accomplishments
*  Over 1000 Career Coursing points, NOFCA 1000 point award
*  Grand Course 2007 Winner!
*  Reta is UNDEFEATED in all cup runoffs
*  Reta has won hunts in California, Nevada, Wyoming and New Mexico!
ASA Perpetual Open Field Coursing Trophies
ASA Shadrack Continuum (2004, #1 Novice),
ASA Adana Memorial (2004, 2006, 2008 #1 Bitch)
ASA Coursing Shield (2004, #1 Saluki)
NOFCA Perpetual Trophies
NOFCA High Score Hound (2003/2004, for the coursing season)
NOFCA High Score Saluki (2003/2004, 2007/2008)
NOFCA Grand Course Traveling Trophy (2007, winner of Grand Course)
NOFCA Reed and Barton Trophy (2005/2006, Best Opposite Sex Saluki for the season)
NOFCA Alpaugh Trophy (2007, for high scoring saluki at the Grand Course)
Open Field Coursing Hunt Cup Wins
ASA Ishtan Cup (2003, 2005, 2007)
ASA Suki Cup winner (2005, 2007)
ASA Mia Cup winner (2007)
SCC Bancu/Hoopla Cup (2003,2004,2005, 2007)
SCC Boomslang Cup winner (2003)
SCC Bathsheba Cup (2007, 2008)
NOFCA Traveling Trophy (2007)
Alpaugh Trophy (2007)
GC qualifier each season
2003/2004 - pulled out of GC due to unsafe coursing field
2004/2005 - qualified but didn't run due to tendon injury
2005/2006 - qualified but no GC this season due to AB2110
2006/2007 - ran in GC and won
2003/2004 coursing season
First season (2003/2004) in OFC competition
NOFCA  #1 All Breeds, #1 Saluki
#1 ASA Saluki  and #1 ASA Novice (17 months of age)
Coursing Champion and Courser of Merit
2004/2005 coursing season
Wins 1st saluki breed hunt of the season
Incurs serious tendon injury, out remainder of season
2005/2006 coursing season
(attended only 50% of the hunts this season)

#3 Saluki, #1 Saluki Bitch
#7 All Breeds
NOFCA 500 point CC award (mixed and breed hunts)
2006/2007 coursing season
(attended less than 50% of the hunts this season)

Multiple hunt and cup winner, finished NOFCA 500 Breed point CM award
2007 Grand Course Winner overall
2nd place Grand Course Saluki breed hunt
#9 NOFCA Saluki
Front Range Challenge, TCC hunt, 1st place, Wyoming
2007/2008 coursing season
ASA Ishtan Cup hunt, 1st place, cup winner
SCC Bancu/Hoopla Cup Hunt, 1st place, cup winner
ASA Suki Cup Hunt, 1st place, Field 2, cup winner
SCC Bathsheba Hunt, 1st place, Field 1, cup winner
#1 NOFCA Saluki
#3 Hound All Breeds
2009/2010 Coursing
Qualified for Grand Course every year in competition
ASA Archives Plaque, Veteran Hunt winner
Reta to date has 965 NOFCA career points, with only going to less than 50% of the hunts over her career. Combined with other coursing clubs she has well over 1000 points! 
Reta quite possibly has won more cup hunts than any other saluki in history.
2010/2011 Coursing Season
Reta wins 2nd place at first hunt and finishes her NOFCA 1000 point award